Action Team Training has been organising Family Days for 20 years, bringing together between 100 and 5000 people for the likes of Unisys, Damart, Albemarle, GTI, Pirelli, UDV, ING, Trents, Electrabel, Europay, SAP, Astra Zeneca, Ethyl, etc.
We have designed and developed various themes for the Family Days: “Around the World in One Day”, “Hollywood Movies”, “Harry Potter at Wizarding School”, and “The Secret of the Monks of Villers” are just a few examples.

Take a quick look at Action Team Training’s exclusive Family Days!

Hollywood Moovies

The principle behind the “Hollywood Movies” event is to take parents and children on a discovery tour of interactive stands representing various classics of Hollywood cinema. The aim is the [...]

Around the world in one day

“Around the world in one day” is an opportunity to take part in an extremely varied range of entertainment at a Company Day or a social Team Work day. Upon arriving on the site, participants are [...]

Harry Potter at Wizarding School

On arrival at the Castle, adults and children discover the flamboyant characters who will take them on an all-day-long adventure. Albus Dumbledore, “good” elves and troll, Aragog and other [...]

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