Rescue Zone

Le team building est une activité ludique permettant de renforcer la cohésion entre les membres d’une équipe et de créer un climat d’ouverture et de collaboration positive. Les défis [...]

Coaching box

Welcome to the bowels of Tour & Taxis! The “Coaching Box” activity comprises boxes spread over the various activity zones. Within each BOX lies a challenge that brings to the fore certain [...]


The participants have gathered at the Villa du Lac to pass their final test for admission to a Special Forces Unit. Each of them has already passed the psychological and physical tests with [...]


Create your Magnum Opus together, by passing 7 varied and fun missions: abseiling down the Chateau tower, a collective effort exercise, tightrope walk among the centuries-old trees on the estate, etc.

Clinix & The Therapy

The participants have swallowed a hallucinogenic molecule contained in an experimental mushroom! The fungus was developed in a secret laboratory in the centre of Brussels by the famous Professor [...]

Villers Mystery

The Team Event starts with a brief visit (30 minutes) to the ruins of Villers Abbey. At the end of this tour, the Father Abbot explains to the participants the objective of their mission: to [...]


Only your team spirit, your determination and your know-how will enable you to (perhaps) reach the Chateau, by completing a route set with numerous traps. Your group will be divided into teams [...]

Escape the villa

On a dark and stormy night, you and your colleagues find yourselves locked in the Villa by some kind of “Satanic” force. You have 60 minutes to unearth the secrets that surround this cursed [...]

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