Company Events are designed to enable you to unify a group and enhance the sense of belonging.

With the emphasis on a relaxed atmosphere, we offer concepts that encourage escapism and interaction.

Originality is paramount.

Coaching box

Welcome to the bowels of Tour & Taxis! The “Coaching Box” activity comprises boxes spread over the various activity zones. Within each BOX lies a challenge that brings to the fore certain [...]


Create your Magnum Opus together, by passing 7 varied and fun missions: abseiling down the Chateau tower, a collective effort exercise, tightrope walk among the centuries-old trees on the estate, etc.

Villers Mystery

The Team Event starts with a brief visit (30 minutes) to the ruins of Villers Abbey. At the end of this tour, the Father Abbot explains to the participants the objective of their mission: to [...]

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